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club repairs

Over 60 years of professional golf club repair.

reshaft clubs

Golf shafts all look pretty much alike sitting on a rack connecting grips to clubheads. But those hollow tubes are marvels of technology, when properly fitted can put an immediate 20 yards onto your golf shots and perk up your accuracy as well.

Choosing the right shaft is important, the elements generated by the shaft are; Ball Speed, Vertical Launch Angle, Horizontal Launch Angle, Smash Factor and Spin Rate

Let the AZ Golf Works’ professionals help eleminate the complications of choosing the right shaft for your swing. Selecting from regular, firm, stiff, ladies or seniors flex from either graphite or steel can be difficult. The technology in the shaft industry is enhanced when analyzed and fitted by a seasoned professional.


Professionals doing club repair for over 60 years.

Our repairs

Let AZ Golf Works put the groove back in your clubs.

We are serious about the health of your clubs. Pride in workmanship has kept AZ Golf Works in business over 30 years.


Playing with old, worn and/or wrong sized grips will tremendously affect your golf score. Not in a good way!


Playing a shaft inconsistant with your swing speed, ability and type of swing, decreases your chances of improvement.


Save your favorite wedges with new grooves for a fraction of the cost of new wedges.

custom grinds

This custom refinish is for the most driscriminating wedge players. Put that spin back on your ball.

sand/polish soles

Lets re-new those favorite clubs. Clean up your clubs by ridding them of the desert damage, good-bye chips and scratches.

loft & lie

One of the most important aspects of your swing is improved with the proper Loft and Lie of your clubs.


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