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AZ Golf Works has been providing the highest quality golf club service and repair for over 25 years. All repairs handled by seasoned professionals...

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TaylorMade Burner 2.0

Regrip Special!

Pure Grip New for 2017

Pure Pro & P-2 $6.95ea.


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Bionic Edge Band

Repair Pros

Don't let a monkey work on your clubs, we have over 100 years combined experience. We make it right.

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Custom Putters

Mann Krafted Putters. LaMont Mann will create your next putter or restore "an old friend" back to life. The craft of custom putters is alive.


Golf Club Repairs

Professional Services


Steve Jones 1996 US Open Champion 1996 U.S Open Champion Steve Jones regripping his clubs in our shop. 60% of golfers are using grips that are worn, are you one of them? Using a worn grip will cause you to hold your club too tight. Sharpen Your Game with a new grip, we have over 50 styles to choose from.




Improve performance, change the feel of a club or maybe your game has advanced beyond the current level of the shaft you are using now.


Let the AZ Golf Repair Technicians make your clubs look as good as new. The Arizona Golf Works Repair Department has been refinishing clubheads for a combined 40 years and has refinished golf clubs for customers worldwide.

  • Remove Nicks and Dings (depth of flaws may limit removal)
  • Sandblast Face
  • Paintfill Engravings (Red, Black or as specified)

Loft and Lie

Lie angle, the measurement between the hosel and the ground, strongly influences a shot's direction. If the lie angle is too upright, the heel will dig too deeply and the ball will start left of your target. If the lie angle is too flat, the toe will dig in, causing the ball to start right of your target. Although each club has a specific loft, it is affected by clubhead speed, swing path, and the angle of approach.

Club Fitting




Club Alterations


Bounce Adjustments




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Arizona Golf Works

Established in 1988 - Our Professional Staff has over 100 years combined experience. We Specialize in Quality Golf Club Repair. We have the finest Name Brand Golf Equipment...

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Great Selections!

We most likely have what you are looking for when it comes to the perfect club. Find what you like and give it a swing in our hitting bay...

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Golf Equipment

Az Golf Works has the newest, high quality golf clubs and top-brand grips and shafts. We Buy Sell Trade and Consign Pre-Owned Golf Equipment...

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Service and Repairs

AZGolf Works offers industry-leading golf club repairs and services. All brands serviced for over 25 years, we assure you the highest quality results....

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AZGolf Works has a wide range of golf accessories and essential tools to compliment and support your golf game. AZGolf Works is the only golf store for your game....

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Latest News

  • Come see our latest consignment golf equipment for this golf season....
  • Mann Krafted, quality milled centershafted putters....
  • ReGrip Special, Pure Grip starting at $6.95ea. Installed.....
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